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5 reasons why everyone should own a single speed bike

Posted by Jamie on

5 reasons why everyone should own a single speed bike | Single Speed Cycles

Many people are opting for single speed bikes over cars or even bicycles with derailleur gears. There are many benefits to using a fixie bike, and it’s an investment worth making that will pay off in terms of your fitness, time, money, and your impact on the environment. Here are five reasons why everyone should own a single speed bike:

  1. It’s good for your health

It’s common knowledge that riding a bike is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. With a fixed gear bike, these benefits are optimised, as you cannot coast, and will have to engage your body throughout the ride. It’s estimated that on average, you can burn 1400 kilojoules in an hour of bike riding.

  1. It’s affordable and low maintenance

You can expect to fork out hundreds of dollars more for a geared bike than for a fixed speed, especially in terms of maintenance and parts. The simple design of a single speed bicycle means there are less parts to replace, and less chance of complex breakdowns occurring. The lack of parts also serves as a deterrent to thieves.

  1. It takes up less space

Being smaller than a car, a single speed bike rider never has to worry about a lack of parking, as your fixie can go pretty much anywhere you go. In addition, it takes up less space than a car to store, which can free up your garage for other uses.

  1. It’s great for the environment

We cannot ignore the realities of climate change any longer, and if the bizarre weather experienced in Australia is any indication, we all should be making changes to reduce emissions. Swapping out your car for a bike reduces one of the biggest contributors to this problem in a way that will be appreciated by generations to come.

  1. It just looks and feels cool to ride

The experience of driving a manual transmission car over an automatic one is difficult to put into words, and the same emotion applies when comparing single speed bikes to those with derailleurs. You simply can’t beat the feeling of rolling down to your destination of choice on your trendy new bicycle.

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