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The Copenhagen (small)

The Copenhagen (small)

Vintage design meets new-age tech with this sleek beauty.

What Are Single Speed Bikes?

In a nutshell, a single speed bicycle operates in much the same way as a conventional geared bike. The only difference, of course, is that you’ve only got one fixed speed rather than a selection of 21.

The Tour de France founder, Henri Desgrange, famously only allowed participants with single speed bikes in his race until 1937. He reasoned that it was better for people to take part in the race and win using nothing but the strength of their muscles!

If you’ve been researching online and want a single speed bike, you’ve come to the right place because we are Australia’s leading online retailer of fixie bikes based right here in Melbourne. At Single Speed Cycles, we have a selection of models to suit your styles and requirements.

5 Reasons Why a Fixie Makes Sense

You’ve probably had a single speed bicycle as a youngster, but perhaps you weren’t aware they are just as popular with adults too. Single speed bikes have been around for as long as geared models.

If you’re unsure whether a fixie bike is right for you, the following five reasons will convince you that it’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made:

1. It'll Make You Stronger

Riding a fixie means you’ll build up your muscle strength, making it easier to tackle steep hills or sharp inclines.

2. It Teaches You New Things About Cycling

You’ll find yourself getting re-educated on the subject of cycling. That’s because you’ll learn about new cycling techniques.

3. A Fixie Bike Is Low-Maintenance

There are no derailleurs to adjust,worn-out cassettes to replace or gear cables and shifters to adjust. A fixie is so easy to maintain; all you have to do is check your tyre pressures and lubricate your chain.

4. Single Speed Bikes Are Perfect for Commuting

If you want an uncomplicated bike for commuting to work and back each day, a fixie is for you.

5. A Fixie Bike Makes You Think More About How You Cycle

You’ll keep a closer eye on the road as things like potholes can impede your progress by slowing you down.

Why Buy From Single Speed Cycles?

Single Speed Cycles is Australia’s premier online retailer for fixies. We’ve dedicated our business to making bikes for people who appreciate simplicity & style. Our bikes are low-maintenance and designed right here in Melbourne.

They’re also high-quality bikes, unlike some other cheap imported brands. We believe you’ll love a fixie bike from Single Speed Cycles, and we’re so sure of that, we offer a satisfaction guarantee.

We stock a selection of single speed bikes that will perfectly suit your needs, style, and budget. Whether you want to cycle to work and bike or zip around the city, we’ve got the right fixie for you! Take a look at our collection to find your perfect ride.