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Why Fixies Make The Best Commuter Bikes

Posted by Jamie on

Why Fixies Make The Best Commuter Bikes | Single Speed Cycles

The fixie is one of the best commuter bikes for city riding. Although there are plenty of bicycle models in the market, the fixie is our favourite.

Fixies or fixed gear bikes can be described as a single-speed commuter push bike that’s built with a drive-train that doesn’t have a freewheel mechanism.  This means that the pedals turn forward or backward when the rear wheel is turning. Although at Single Speed Cycles our fixies come with Flip Flop Hub which allows you a free wheel option.

As a result, you can say that this bike is pretty basic. Although this is true, keep reading and find out why the fixie is one of the best commuter push bikes for urban riders.

1. The Fixie will significantly enhance your Physical Fitness

When using the fixed wheel hub the pedals are always in motion. So you really can’t coast with this option, even if you’re heading downhill. In order to keep the bike moving forward, you have to keep pedalling. At Single Speed Cycles our rides come with a Flip Flop Hub which means you just have to flip the back wheel around and your fixie is now able to coast downhill without the need to keep pedalling.

So if one of your motivations for cycling is physical fitness, these are the best commuter bikes to get you in shape. It’s a great way to build muscle and burn calories as you can’t shift gears to make life easier for you (even on uneven terrains).

Further, a fixed gear bike will keep you physically engaged the whole time you’re on the bike.

2. One of the Best Commuter Push Bikes at a low price

When compared to most of the geared bikes on the market, fixed gear bikes are relatively cheaper. However, it’s important to note that the price depends on the components you choose to go with.

These alternative commuter bikes are cheaper because they’re usually made with less expensive materials and have less hardware built into them.

3. Fixed Gear Bikes are much easier to maintain

The lack of hardware means there’s less stuff on the bike to break and to repair. All you really have to do is conduct regular maintenance like tightening and oiling without ever having to deal with a derailleur.

We would say that it’s one of the best commuter bikes because you don’t have to deal with a derailleur that wears out over time and has to be repaired or replaced. It can also cost you heaps depending on how complicated it will be to replace it or repair it. But with a fixie, you never have to worry about this issue.

When it comes to replacing parts, you only have to change the brake pads (when they wear out), spokes, or a chain (when it breaks). Unlike multi-geared bikes, fixies can last for years with minimal maintenance.

4. It’s a Commuter Push Bike that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle

The lack of components means a fixie bike weighs a lot less than its multi-gear counterparts. So even if you have to climb stairs or drive it around, it can easily fit into your active lifestyle.

As a result, you can say these alternative commuter bikes are highly flexible and efficient. Further, even if you’re not thinking about efficiency right now, the straight and short chain will ensure the efficient transfer of energy that will make a massive difference on those long rides.

5. Strong and rugged for city terrains

Most urban areas are relatively flat, but you do get the odd bump along the way like tram and train tracks. Fixies are built to be strong and rugged to handle any terrain, so you won’t have anything to worry about when you’re pedalling through the city.

This is one of the primary reasons why we think it’s one of the best commuter bikes to ride through the city. Further, it’s much easier to track stands on a fixed gear bike as you can move forward and backward.

6. A Fixie Bike is trendy and fun to ride

We also think that fixes are the best commuter bikes because they’re so much fun to ride. The fact that it provides an enjoyable ride and is available in awesome funky styles makes this commuter push bike very trendy.

Sure you might like to choose a fixed gear bike because you want to go green or get in shape, but the fun factor should also be considered before you make a decision. Further, riders also feel more connected to their fixies as they’re the one powering it.

This means that you also get better feedback from the road which will also make you more alert (and safer). This is crucial when you’re commuting through the city as your response time can be the difference.

Regardless of your reasons for commuting on a bike, fixies make the best commuter bikes, so make sure you take a ride on a fixie before making a decision.

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