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We’re a Melbourne-based business dedicated to providing a sleek ride for people who appreciate simplicity.

We think single speed and fixie bikes are the perfect solution for commuters who need a no-nonsense, low maintenance, reliable ride. It is exactly what it sounds like—no gears, no shifting. Just you, the pedals, and the road.

All our bikes come equipped with a Flip Flop Hub (so they can be ridden as either a single speed or fixie). They’re uber low maintenance because they have so few parts. All you need to keep an eye on is your tyre pressure, brakes, and chain.

They’re also more affordable, thanks to the smaller number of parts. 

We pass that savings onto you, because we believe everyone deserves to ride a great bike.

If you’re after a new ride that ticks all the boxes and you want to support a local Aussie business, you’re in the right place.

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