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How do I know which size bike to choose?

It’s all done by height to ensure you get themost comfortable ride possible. We offer three sizes—small, medium, and large.

If you’re 154 – 165cm tall, go for the small (50cm).

If you’re 165 – 175cm tall, get the medium (54cm).

If you’re 175 – 185cm tall, you want the large (58cm).

Does my bike come assembled?

About 85% assembled.

 You will need to:

• attach the handlebars

• attach the seat and adjust to a comfy height

• fit the front wheel

• adjust the brakes

• screw on the pedals (HOT TIP: there is a left and a right pedal)

• pump up the tyres

 We have absolute faith in you, but if you’re questioning your own mechanical dexterity, you can always take the bike to a qualified mechanic to be absolutely sure your bike is assembled correctly($50-$100 depending on the mechanic)

For more information visit our Assembly Guide Page

Can I return the bike?

We know it’s a bit different buying a bike online, so we want to give you that peace of mind. We offer a 30-day returns & exchanges policy, as long as your bike is in “as new”condition. But honestly, we don’t think you’ll want to part with it once you have your first ride!

For more information visit our Returns & Exchanges Page

Do you offer a warranty?

We sure do. A good one. Three-year warranty on frame and 12 months on parts.

For more information visit our Warranty Page

How much is shipping for bikes?

We offer flat rate shipping of $79.95 for bikes, and $9.95 for accessories. Shipping carrier will vary depending on your location.

For more information please visit our shipping page

I’ve ordered! When will it arrive?

Great! We know you don’t want to wait once you’ve ordered. All bikes are dispatched within one business day, so you can get yourself on the road. From there, postal times will vary slightly, but assume three to five days for metro areas.

Can I try one out in-store?

We’re 100% online in order to keep the costs low for you, but we offer a great return policy and low shipping rate so you can try it out at home!

Are these bikes single speed or fixed gear?

Trick question, because they can be either. Or both. All our bikes come with a ‘Flip-Flop’ Hub, so you get to choose. If you assemble it one way, you get a fixie. Flip it around, and you can coast on your single-speed. Best of both worlds.

Still have questions?

If you still need some more support, just reach out and we’ll chat bikes.

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